Rough Guide – So many stories… #20


Well, despite the strangely elastic time band we have been occupying for the past month,  we are four fifths of the way through the radiotherapy ride. I say “we” because cancer doesn’t just happen to the recipient of course.

To lesser or greater degrees it also affects those around us (obviously). Nothing makes this clearer than time spent in the main waiting area at Springfield Radiotherapy Centre.

TalkingonthebridgeSome people are introspective & in bunker mode in this environment, those who come with a cheerleader less likely to communicate with those around them which is fair enough. I on the other hand do like people & will, as my friends & frolleagues would attest, happy to talk to anyone.

It’s been an amazing & grounding experience listening to those who are willing to share their stories & I am so grateful. If I needed reminding how lucky I am, then the main waiting room has been where I have found it.

The spouse who explained that the main reason they were having any treatment was because they are the sole carer for their partner who has had a stroke & they are both worried that if the cancer got too bad then a nursing home would be the only choice.

kermit socksMr & Mrs Fancy socks, who have spent sixteen months so far living with cancer, chemo then surgery, then an infection (three months) that meant an extended hospital stay followed by a bit more chemo & now radiotherapy. Generally accompanied by a cheerleader to share the driving of the five day a week 65 mile trip. Exhasuted but still positive. heart flowers

Composed Cerys & her husband, who have had to get their heads around a more complicated diagnosis than they originally expected. Despite having chemotherapy at the same time as her radiotherapy, before having more surgery;  she still looks beautifully turned out & the love these two share shines out of them like a beacon.

My own Himself, who never signed up for all of this & has challenges of his own to contend with but has stepped up to The Plate for me when I need his support the most…

All of these stories are lived every day & for the most part go unnoticed by everyone other than those who are a part of them.

Humans are complicated creatures, the bodies that transport us through the world may be in various states of fitness or debilitation, yet, the sprit each contains, the things which make up the essence of each of us need not be dimished by our situation. As far as cancer goes, this I think sums it up perfectly:

Tie_Dye_Texture_2_by_webgoddessHolly xx

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