Rough Guide – Never underestimate the power of love! #18


Some time ago (seems like a lifetime!) in an early # I spoke of Cheerleaders & their vital role for people on the Rollercoaster.

It took my mum about three years after dad died to accept help & support from their mutual friends & accquaintences. Dad was always helping others out with no expectation of reciprocation & it was the most remembered thing about him on the day of his funeral & in the many cards which arrived. People offered because they meant it. In the face of grief or illness it may be the most tangible way to demonstrate support when people don’t know what to say, but want to do something.

As children we learned that if you don’t mean or intend to do what you say, then don’t offer!

Broken_PromisesAll that hollow promises do is disappoint & dimish the promiser in the eyes of the disappointed.

Better not to make unrealistic declarations of support at all…


I have to say that I have been overwhelmed by “my” Cheerleaders. Kindness is akin to love in my book at least, & I am so fortunate to have a lot of it in my life at a time when it is even more welcome than usual.

meadowTexts, # comments, emails, late night FB calls from home & the US, cards, lifts, phonecalls, help to set up the blog, moral support at appointments & critical bends on the Rollercoaster, bedding laundered, hugs, laughter, even dinners arriving unbidden! Impromptu outings for coffee the list goes on…

and it hasn’t just been the Official Cheerleaders!

I started doing some light shopping this week but know that I can’t yet lift the bags into the trolley or the boot: so far everytime I have asked staff for help it has been offered willingly & with a smile. The Supermarket Butcher who boned & cubed a lamb joint & then came to find me because he noticed I looked really tired.

When I read the news it’s generally pretty appalling & it would be possible to develop a mindset that humanity doesn’t have much to commend it & that we “live in a naughty world”, but in Holly’s World right now, my spirits are lifted daily by goodness & the power of love…


PS “Himself” – who has his own challenges to deal with as well as our shared one at the moment has been pretty Ace too!

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