Rollercoaster Ride – Now I’m seeing Pandas # 61


So now I have porridge-filled legs, a sore fundament, about as much as energy as a discharged battery & the cerebral capacity of a two-year old. On the plus side, apart from that I’m fine really ! The anxiety of anticipation has dispersed & while I may not like it; at least I know what to expect. Best of all, the diarrhoea stopped yesterday evening so I won’t be fretting about that while I lie waiting helplessly like the Christmas Turkey waiting for the chestnut, cranberry & port stuffing. Sorry!

I feet more relaxed at least as I wait for Sous Chef to prepare the instruments  (hence the nickname)  & having gone through the safety check routine (yes I am still Holly Berry, still have the same birthdate & address) , I assume this weeks position in the chair.

My two year old brain, seems to be impairing my ability to say what I mean (although Himself would say this is not new!) Chatting with the students as I wriggle in to the correct position I ask them if they have had a go yet as they really ought to try it. 

photodune-927921-surprised-girl-with-book-m-2-520x400The wide-eyed expression on their faces makes me quickly qualify that, I am not advocating they have the Obdurator experience; but have they tried the chair?

Wished For explained that she hadn’t thought of getting them to do that, but would give it some consideration as it was perhaps a good idea. I do hope that she decides to go ahead

Personally, I don’t think you can beat health professionals getting a sense of what things are like for patients.


Treatment over, I notice as I wash my hands the last thing I would expect to see in a clinical area, nestled on the radiator: a little Panda family. Wished For explains that in the past, one of the three used to be pressed into service in the theatre next door. When patients are anaesthetised for surgery they are assisted to breathe via equipment attached to an airway tube, it’s important the tube is stable & undisturbed. An anaesthetist Registrar had discovered that one of the parent Pandas did the job perfectly.pandas

The littlest panda has the most exciting life these days, Jet-Setting with the DXR team when they go on their holidays. I kid you not, there’s a photo album to prove it apparently… I love these work expressions of humour & humanity, in the time that I have worked in the NHS they have almost completely disappeared & it is such a shame.

(Contrary to the belief held by some in Corporate NHS, it doesn’t undermine professionalism or competence: you either are or you are not). As one who keeps a magic wand in my office, right next to the bottle of blowing bubbles I think it helps dedicated & hard-pressed staff to keep a sense of perspective & most patients (including me) are reassured by these glimpse of the person behind the professional persona. More than that, there is evidence to prove that having fun at work improves output & builds resilience & sustainability, don’t just take my word for it.

Halfway through tomorrow – thank goodness!

If I don’t cause my chauffeur to have an accident by making them fall asleep on the road through my unstoppable yawning (I can’t stop yawning: it’s dreadful. If I’m not asleep then all I seem to do at the moment is yawn.) 



Have one on me!

Holly x

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