Riding the Rollercoaster – last day hooray! #63


December 4th marked my final day of treatment. It’s quite amazing really how those of us who go through it & chemo treatments manage it! Himself has said a couple of times during these weeks that cancer treatments are quite barbaric & he’s right; but as with most things over the years they have become more sophisticated.

Some people find having cancer isolating. For me though; I haven’t forgotten that patient’s past have paved the way for these developments alongside the clinicians, scientists & laboratory animals.


New developments in chemotherapy which targets specific cells are out there. All of these need to be trailed with a large number of patients in long term studies before they are approved as standard treatments. Similarly charitable research funds invest huge resources & radiotherapy in the UK will evolve further still in the coming years.

I contemplate all of this & more as I go through the last Brachy session. Apart from the panel with little pansies picture, the ceiling tiles are pretty minimalistic.

Staring at them, I suddenly realise that I won’t have to go through this again & wish I happy-button2felt well enough to celebrate it in some way… Later.

But in the meantime I imagine as the machine switches off, Wished For pressing a special button, which causes one of the panels to drop forward & balloons & ticker tape flutter down around the patient.

I share this with her & the gang when they come back in. I forget sometimes that other people can take what I say literally (must be something to do with my style of delivery).

Of course, I realise that this is impossible! It was just a little whimsical fantasy to while away a few minutes. But, it does generate a bit of a discussion about marking the final treatment in some way! I think I have mentioned before that little children get stickers for being brave at the hospital & I see no reason why adults going through it shouldn’t have something to mark it as well, if they want!

Wished For looks thoughtful & then to my absolute delight, says, yes she needs to think about this as there may be something which may be done about it. I am absolutely not going to miss having this horrible treatment, but I most definitely will miss her.

I couldn’t have got through these five weeks without Himself, the chauffeurs, Cheerleaders & the NHS! Thank you to volunteers

Holly xx


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