Riding the Rollercoaster – Good Grief! #65

blue-moon-wolf-fullWell, hello there (if there is indeed anybody there!),

I can’t believe how long it is since I last posted; nearly a month!! I think it is partly due to my finally sitting down with my lovely Johanna Bashford Enchanted Forest colouring book (thanks Blodwyn).  I find it really therapeutic (well mostly, except when my “fine gold pen” decides that the picture would be enhanced by a big blob or Min the Cat decides that he is far more interesting & why can’t I try to bite the stick you are clearly moving about for me to play with…)

nelsonYes I know there are lots of media bleats or to be more polite I suppose that I should say concerns from Therapists going on about colouring not being a therapy & unless you have arrived from Mars recently or are an eternal optimist you will know that it isn’t going to cure any physiological disease or physical injury.

While the jury may well still be out & somewhere in the world the odd therapist is losing sleep worrying that their practice will dry up as we all head to the hills with our colouring books & assorted pens, pencils etc. It may be worth pointing out that Art “therapy” has been recognised for some time now as being beneficial for all sorts of people, rather in the way that gardening is; apparently.

Personally I derive a great deal of calm & pleasure from it (especially as one who has never been to draw), whereas grubbing around in the garden only to watch my efforts dashed by rogue Tom Cats (why do they spray my plants?), Ninja Slugs & beautiful tiny snails who seem capable of eating the equivalent of a fully grown adults daily calorific requirement, does not induce the same sense of calm & pleasure sad to say…

Anyway, I digress (there’s a surprise). Of course I haven’t just been colouring. I have been doing other stuff as well. Getting back to some semblance of normality was top of my agenda around the time of my last #. Trying to process exactly what had been going on since last summer was one priority. If I am honest, in-between January & now I have had a few attempts at “finishing off” the Radiotherapy ride, but just couldn’t quite get it together or maybe bring myself to do it?

In the way that life has of keeping us on our toes with The Unexpected, my recovery plan took a bit of knock-back three weeks ago when Himself frightened the bejasus out of me! I should explain that he didn’t do this in any malicious sense, but rather that Mother Nature has decided that he perhaps needs to calm down a bit & the best way to do so is to gift us with a different Rollercoaster to wobble off to enjoy. Long story short he has got to have an angiogram pretty soon (17th of the month). fonz

SO, my plan to build up gradually to where I was pre NLB has had to take a back-step & thank goodness, through compromise, rest & then doing things as & when, we prevail. Ho Hum, just when you think it is safe to get back in the water…

The complementary therapy appointments have been postponed twice now (which is a shame) once through Himself not being well & the other because of FBMC. My follow-up with Oncologist was postponed (in case you were wondering/worrying why I hadn’t mentioned it my abject apologies but there has been nothing to report!).

In fact, thanks to the reader who contacted me to enquire how I was doing as I had been # silent for a while as it prompted me to knuckle down & do this one!

I will be seeing the Oncologist tomorrow & will make sure I share THE VERDICT, I feel ok & am pretty confident that all will be well: Probably…

Hope all is good with you & yours

Holly xxx

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