Riding the Rollercoaster – Eliminating Problems # 51

cell_phone_on_toilet_thinker_Hope you won’t feel embarrassed if I talk about bowels, bladders & periods in this #!

In common with a significant number of small children it seems, I was inclined towards constipation. There is help out there now for parents who are worried about it thank goodness, beyond the Senna Tea & a variety of “Jollops” that I was subjected to off & on.

Over the years, I have frankly, continued to suffer from time to time.

After I became a nurse, I developed a better understanding about the causes & the prevention of constipation  my life was less blighted – but I still have had difficulties if I have forgotten or been too lazy or busy to manage it properly.

a_happy_colon_Most of us  know about the importance of the five a day, sufficient water, a balanced diet with a good amount of roughage, minimising stress & exercising , to help maintain a happy & healthy bowel.

There are however, other factors, which can upset the equilibrium of this vital piece of equipment.

In the case of some women (myself included) what is happening in their wombs, can have a direct effect on their bowel as well as their bladder…

The gift of hindsight is, as they say, a wonderful thing.

Now I reflect, I realise that my gut tribulations actually worsened with the onset of puberty & over the subsequent years & while it wouldn’t be fair to attribute all to my womb, I do think that there was a connection.

I had significant problems with my periods from the outset, for the first few years I was flattened every time missing days from School & nothing seemed to help with the pain. Over time & several visits to the a number of GPs who repeatedly told me that it would A) Improve when I had a baby (myth) or B) Once I had gone through the Menopause it would stop – Great! ; I found ways to manage it: mostly.

normal anatomyOur guts do their best for us, but obstructions in the bowel or the womb, present challenges that, pardon the expression can gum up the works.

It’s only since the removal of my womb etc. that I finally have something resembling a more “normal” & unconstipated bowel habit. stock_fibroid05_big

I’m making the most of it, because come the Radiotherapy I will be thrown to the other end of the spectrum apparently, with diarrhoea amongst a number of other unavoidable consequences. !

Why am I sharing this with you Dear Reader?

Well, first of all: for adult women or female relatives who are suffering with heavy periods, periods that leave them floored for the first few days or heavy bleeding which results in “flooding” on to clothing or bedding,  I want to say please don’t put up with any glib brush offs like I did.

For a few months keep a note of difficulties such as frequent trips to the loo because of constipation, diarrhoea or  to pee, is there a pattern that fits around the time you are ovulating or menstruating? This “record” can be adapted if you are male or no longer have periods! 


If so talk to a GP you trust & ask them to examine your lower abdomen (stomach), physical examinations seem to be becoming rarer, but it is important (you can tell a lot with touch when you know what you are doing!). Oh & don’t forget your “diary”!

Taking tablets,  may be useful, however it won’t necessarily help if there is an internal (mechanical problem) which may need to investigated, so don’t be afraid to go back if you need to & discuss whether or not you would benefit from seeing a specialist.

Please don’t take any nonsense, because you don’t need to suffer in silence!

Holly xx

P.S I do hope you weren’t embarrassed – I couldn’t hear you blushing ;0@


  1. JD says

    Hi Holly
    I have just caught up with your blog again.It really is amazing, amusing to read ,honest and inciteful.I am sure that it is and will continue to be a source of great comfort to many others. My thoughts and prayers are with you on the next leg of this cancer journey .Take care

    • Holly Berry says

      Many thanks JD – good to hear from you & thanks for your kind words & thoughts. I really do hope that it is reaching others & that it helps in some small way.

      Best Wishes to you & yours


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