Quick Random Thoughts – One departure, two arrivals #5

This one may seem a little off the wall & if you don’t “get” cats, then you may want to stop reading now & go & browse something on line that interests you more…

Inbetween my first encounter with Diana the Oracle & the second where I learned my diagnosis, our self-appointed Rescue cat Mr G became unwell & needed to be euthanised. We’ve kept cats ever since we started to living together & only came to have one cat in the house (a first for us) after it became clear that Mr G was so traumatised & relieved to have his own personal space & staff that he would not under any circumstances tolerate another feline occupant in his territory.

He was irascible, smelly, disinclined to any show of affection, could not be trusted with small children.  Unlike most cats who will take any amount of pulling, squeezing, being dressed up in doll’s clothes & pushed around in a pram by diminutive humans who don’t know any different; even if they would rip an adult’s trouser leg to shreds without a second thought & absolutely no remorse. This “understanding” was never going to happen with the late Mr G!

He was frankly, perverse in his habits: he only ever went outside when the weather was clement, eschewed the roaming of his fellows & restricted his wanderings to going out of the front door walking around to the back door & coming in again! He would sit outside in our small garden for hours (if the conditions were perfect) & then come in to use the litter tray. His “aim” was appalling & our beloved friend Blod once remarked that if we had a litter tray the size of the floor-space in the conservatory he would still conspire to go over the edge. I suspect she was right!

His vision was terrible & after he first pitched up one afternoon bedraggled, underweight, dehydrated & exhausted, the trip to the vet revealed a detached retina: probably the result of a kick to the head & the typical elongated whiskers of a cat with reduced vision. Despite his many & various quirks (not least the wrecking of our stair carpet used as a claw sharpening device) we loved him & in his own way would like to think that he reciprocated.

Those of you who have always had pets in the house will know that suddenly, when they aren’t there, home turns into a house & it’s quite a miserable feeling. While you might not be thrilled on the evenings when you arrive exhausted, with several bags of groceries, dinner to be cooked, to discover a broken vase, wrecked lamp or even worse an unwelcome deposit in the room your pet got “locked in” before you left for work in the morning, there are many positives about sharing your home with them.

I think we lasted about a week before admitting to eachother that we needed to find new cats to inhabit the house. We were due to go away at the end of the month, but my husband found two: a brother & sister who were at our nearest Cats Protection facility. We went to see them & while they were shy & nervous due to lack of contact & being just over a year old, we determined that these were the two for us. We were told that they had been  in Caditz for 3 months & were always overlooked because they were black & didn’t do anything to attract potential staff’s attention.


We couldn’t “reserve” them indefinitely, so we brought them home just before we went on our three day break & a lovely friend agreed to look after them. We had a rocky start, but now they are settling in nicely, finding their way around the house & beginning to show their personalities.

It’s the longest time we have waited for cats to “tell” us their names, but last night, after we discovered the small, cute & friendly brother sent in as a decoy, while his, long, lanky & wiley sister explored the kitchen work top & clearly planned a raid on the kitchen-waste caddy for potential treats.

She is definitely the plot- hatcher, who eggs her good- natured, innocent brother to do her bidding, then high-tails it when we investigate, to leave him looking wide-eyed & ever-so-slightly betrayed…

So now that they have told us their names respectively Minion & Gru,  my husband has declared them collectively to be:


IMG_3803 MinionSm

IMG_3783 GruSm

I really wasn’t sure about going ahead with getting new cats at this point in time, with diagnosis, investigations & surgery, but Icrecream Sundae & Blod thought it was a good plan & they were right. We have an energetic dynamic in our home, which will undoubtedly drive us to distraction at times, but is already giving us great joy & making us laugh a lot.

No regrets – YET.


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