Quick Random Thoughts – Oh Dear #25

Only two things have made me cry since the Rollercoaster Ride started:  our much loved lost nephew &  our little cat Gru who failed to return home last Thursday &  who is still missing as I write.



I’m sure I have mentioned previously, that one of the reasons I am “coping” with my cancer so positively, is because there are actions which can hopefully make a positive difference: whereas those events over which we have no control & the outcome is irreversible, beyond our ability to resolve leave me reeling.

But more than how much Himself & I are missing him, is the effect it is having on her brother Minion, they have been inseparable & he keeps searching for her around the house, carrying her “cuddly” mouse (they both arrived from the Cats Protection centre with one each) & calling for her. It’s pitiful…

We’ve done the usual – shouted ourselves hoarse, a flyer drop around the estate & surrounding houses & registered her missing online. I think we are suffering more than we would normally because of the timing of their arrival in our lives.

All hope is not yet lost as far as Gru goes – most cats go walkabouts during their careers, sometimes for a few days & then turn up as if no time has passed & nothing has happened. One of our previous felines disappeared for six months & then reappeared one summers evening with very worn claws & hard pads; the only conclusion we could draw was that he had gone “home” – the other side of the city where we used to live & then eventually decided that if we weren’t returning perhaps he’d better return to the new place.

I know that there are far worse things happening in people’s lives than a missing cat, but it’s just another knock for us at the moment & I am keeping everything crossed that she will be reunited with Min so that again we have The Despicable We in our lives…






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