Quick Random Thoughts: I don’t mind waiting, but…#28

Sad-MinionI really don’t mind waiting to be zapped at Springfield CC (UK). I need the treatment & I understand that unlike Muck Ronalds or other fast food chains, where it is possible to standardise service delivery time it is impossible where people, especially ill people are concerned.

And honestly, everyone in the Radiotherapy department does their very best not to keep us hanging around & when they do there is always a good reason. But, here’s the thing:

delayAs I get further through the treatment & despite the increased water/cranberry top ups to keep my urine dilute & reduce bladder irritation, my heart sank again when I arrived for my 16.45 appointment to see the sign up for a 30 minute wait for LA 7 patients: again.


There’s something that most readers won’t know about me. I like to write doggerel  every now & again; the sort of thing that would make the great poets weep & which can only be truly appreciated by people who aren’t too discerning, are sweet enough to indulge me or dedicated MacGonagall officianados (I’m told they do exist!).

So today, I suddenly had The Muse & decided to write the following! I will give the LA 7 team a copy of it, but I’m not expecting them to nominate me for the next Poet Laureate for it…


Linear accelDear Staff of LA 7

It really would be great

If more than once I could get zapped

Without you running late//

It is a real problem as,

The treatment must be done

But waiting with a bladder full

Is not exactly fun!//

I know that is crazy,

Yes I admit  that it is daft

As other times

My bladder waits

But here it has a laugh!//

Each time I come for zapping

I have to find some way of

Focussing on other things

So mostly, I just pray//

need to weeI pray I wont fall victim to The Dreaded DSB*

Or worse

Renal implosion

God I really need to pee!//

I’m curious to know why apart

from just one day

It’s only LA7 seems

To have repeat delays !//

curious-dolphinsDepending on the wait time

I sit & speculate

Why it’s always  LA7

The machine for which I wait//


Perhaps you all work harder than

Your other LA mates?

Or perhaps you like a lie in and

It makes your day start late!//

incentiveCould I offer you a carrot?

Money, coffee, cake or tea?

Or perhaps a stick might work instead as

Upon your floor I wee…//

My grumbling is over

As I have whiled away

By writing dreadful doggerel

Is that my name ? – HOORAY!! vender-todo-gratis

Fin Holly xx

* It should be DBS (Detonating Bladder Syndrome) but I couldn’t make it rhyme!

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