Quick Random thoughts – Exercising. #18

thinking-catI’ve been doing quite a lot of thinking since I came home from St Trinians.

Part of my daily regimen is gentle walking increasing as the days go along. Today Day 15 post op was the longest one I have managed so far – whoo hoo.

I won’t embarass myself by saying how far I managed! It wouldn’t impress your Average Fitbit-er like Valey Scarlet or Cornish Made – currently in training for a week’s trek on the Great Wall of China for the RNLI or Amazing Niece who has & continues to undertake a number of physical challenges in the name of a good cause.

I’m not the most physically orientated of people. “Games” in my mixed gender Primary & Junior school were ok, perhaps because they were called games.  The only time “sports” came in to the equation & that was still fun because parents & guardians generally came along & got involved with the Egg & Spoon, Sack races etc. I suppose there were winners & losers, but I can’t honestly remember.

All that changed when I went up to Our Lady of Perpetual PMT. It started well enough; in the first year or so I really enjoyed the novelty of Lacrosse (of course we were never told by the Nuns that it was a North American native medicine game originally) , Netball, tennis & best of all swimming in the school pool (yes it was that posh).

Shepherds pieWhile I was a little on the plump side, I wasn’t alone & burning off school dinners playing sports kept our weight pretty much under control. concrete & pinkI also had a very long walk built in to my school days – around 3 miles a day there & back plus the bus-ride.

Then the competition started. Puberty reared her inevitable head, body-shapes started changing, flat chests suddenly started budding boobs & The Curse loomed around the corner.

These gifts of Mother Nature were accompanied by an insidious, sniping little Sprite that infected some of my peers. It lead to bitchy comments, which soon transformed into bullying & on the receiving end of hurtful remarks about my  apparently less than adequate evolving female form, sports days became first dreaded & then loathed.

lgmDespite all imprecations to my mum about sick-notes & my increasingly creative attempts which in my mind seemed sure-fire ways to extricate myself from the nightmare, I could never wriggle out of it!

I kept up with sport for a little while after I left school & went into the Army.   On reflection  this may seem a rash decision to have made given that it could be rife with bullying; but either I wasn’t bullied any more than anyone else or Our Lady of Perpetual PMT was a much tougher training ground & so perhaps I didn’t even notice it was happening.

 Cornish Made who popped in for a lighting visit recently (lovely), eloquently described her  Great Wall training walks in beautiful Cornwall.

North_DownsIt reminded me that a long time ago I used to like “proper” walking on the Surrey Downs where I spent several of days in my teenage years.

Now due to a work induced back injury & it’s consequences I find it difficult (& painful) to do much in the way of walking which would amount to exercise, but my ponderings while wobbling along on a daily basis have got me thinking about what I might do & how I might accomplish it.

 Meantime, I will just keep trying to keep my brain fit I think!

Holly xx

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