Rollercoaster Ride – Blargh #58

big waveWell, the radiotherapy has certainly caught up with me now! The biggest impact which it seems to have had for me so far is “tiredness”. Actually, although it says “tiredness” in the booklet, it doesn’t come anywhere near to how I am feeling right now. It seems to suddenly loom up behind me like the worst surf wipeout!

I have had to accept over the past few days, that I need to sleep more than I seem to need to be awake. Driving is definitely beyond me now & I have resurrected online grocery shopping as I can no longer wobble around the supermarket for my daily wet weather exercise (so hopefully I will save a bit of money at least!).

I have about as much energy as a three-toed Sloth, possibly less. Like them at the moment, most of my effort seems to be reserved for ablution purposes (but whereas they descend from the trees – I have to either crawl across the landing or ascend the stairs…)

exhaustedI am highly suspicious that Himself finally finished filling my legs with porridge while I slept last night, although he vigorously denies it!

Whoever or whatever the culprit is, I now resemble someone who is stuck fast in quicksand & when I do move I resemble nothing so much as Billy Connolly’s Drunk walk number 2.

Trust me the one redeeming thing about this sensation is, having experienced the real thing many years ago: this is a lot less frightening, messy, I haven’t needed to be hosed down in a yard before being allowed indoors & no footwear has been lost!

What it does have in common with the quicksand experience is that it will pass & that there are people around to see me safely through it.

Of course, there are somethings which the Cheerleaders are able to do to help: lifts, folding bedding, quick tidy-ups (or pretending not to notice the chaos), being on the end of the phone, sending unexpected surprises through the post; to name a few. Himself keeps me fed & hydrated.

cat in drawerThe cats keep me amused. In the early hours the other day I thought I could hear Santa arriving (turned out to be Min who had carried a “jingly stick” cat toy from the conservatory, through the cat flap & upstairs to our bedroom door!) He also turns out to have Gok Wan talents & an ability to choose clean clothes for me to wear – honestly! **

All of a sudden, I am days away from the end of the four weeks external radiotherapy with only the last (most dreaded) week to go. If I was feeling more energetic I would do a little happy dance, but will have to wait for later I guess.

My brain is still sort of functioning & I am grateful for that…

Catch you later

Holly xx

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