Quick Random Thoughts – Are we there yet? # 27

are we there yet

The observant reader will have noticed by now that I am quite fond of using The Simpsons to complement my #s… This one never fails to make me laugh. I am certain that I was not the only one of those maddening children who went through a phase of driving their parent’s beresk (the way I spell it not a typo) on car trips!

My dad would ocassionally get so browned off by this constant repetitive tirade that he would say – ” if you don’t pipe down,  we’ll stop the car & leave you by the side of the road to make your own way there!”. That generally worked in subdueing me for approximately three minutes. Tops.

i-spy At some point though my older siblings came to everyone’s rescue by either singing camping songs, playing the White Car/Black Car game* & my mum & dad cheerfully paid the 6d for I-Spy books when it became clear that the limited opportunities for playing I-Spy suddenly expanded hugely!

Over the years of course I learned to constrain this exuberant persistent inquisitor element of my Id. I suppose it is part of what adults like to call social awareness or maturity, but it is ever present waiting impatiently to erupt from within when I am in extremis!

To this day, long trips taken entirely for pleasure are marred by it quietly drumming it’s fingers on the bit of my brain where it resentfully resides. Interminably long pointless meetings where nothing is ever achieved, never will be & I have heard it all a million times before, have it banging on the wall. But I generally ignore it, knowing that at some point, we will not just be nearly there but will have arrived at the eagerly awaited destination!

Sometimes & this is one of those times, I accidently bump into it as my thoughts wander randomly around my head. Today was one of those unfortunate ocassions. It started off when I was talking to Himself who is doing a grand job but I know is secretly counting down the days til the Radiotherapy is over. “Never mind” says I “on Wednesday we’ll be half-way there” (adding quietly to myself, that’s if you don’t count the 12 days it carries on working in your body after you stop going for treatment Holly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe other day my big sister gave me one of those old fashioned Advent Calendars – the one’s without chocolate (boo) but with a jolly Christmas scene on & plenty of glitter (hooray). I was really touched actually.

Himself who is a bit of a Bah-Humbug type when it comes to Christmas, can’t fully appreciate the trivial joy that the calendar will give me in it’s pride of place on the freezer come the 1st of December, but that’s OK. I need a bit of glitter & nostalgia in my life at the moment.

I know that I am starting to get more washed out & that it will inevitably get worse before it get’s better & I really don’t want Id making me impatient. It just isn’t helpful!

So having got it off my mind by writing it out, I’ve sent it packing for now at least.

I’ve adapted my appointment card a bit to make it more visually manageable in my head & it does seem to help, counting down the days…

Perhaps I should have made myself a Radiotherapy Calender with little windows to open every day as a cheery incentive to keep going ? Just not sure what the pictures would have been!



 How to play the White Car/Black Car game.  Family 1960’s Rules. * In case you aren’t old enough to remember a time when most cars were either black or white & there were only four or five different makes; & crisps flavours were restricted to : Plain with a blue salt bag, Salt & Vinegar (nasty) & Cheese & Onion (marginally less nasty) then you probably won’t know the game either!

KRT LIFESTYLE STORY SLUGGED: BOOSTERSEATS KRT PHOTOGRAPH BY JEAN PIERI/ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS (July 22) Grant Ironsid, left, and cousins, Noah Hansen, middle, and Connor Hansen sit in the back of a vehicle after a visit to Como Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota, are examples of what not to do. None of the boys is in a booster seat, and they're not wearing their seat belts properly. Car-safety experts claim kids ages four to eight should ride in elevated seats in order to be protected by adult seat belts. (ded) 2003

Driver starts the game by saying for the next 20 miles (minutes can be substituted) count & call out how many cars of allotted colour (non negotiable) cars you can see, 2 points awarded per car.

Bonus points are awarded to the player who spots & shouts out first:

Police Car 5 points

Ambulance 10 points

Fire Engine 15 points

Red car (very rare then) 25 points


Note If sirens & lights are on the spotter gets an additional 5 points

At the end of the game the person with the most points is the winner & allowed to have the only packet of Cheese & Onion crisps. Sharing is optional although selfishness may lead to fighting, which was the reason the game was being played in the first place probably!

Holly xx

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