Our NHS – Is it Worth It? #9

Plotting_roomUnless you have been living as a hermit on a remote Hebridean Island or, have recently returned to the UK after travelling in the high mountains of the Himalayas; you will probably be aware of the enforced “austerity measures” in many nations as a result of the need to cushion International Bankers & major share-holders from the discomfort of needing to modify  their well-earned lifestyles. It’s only fair that we the Little People tighten our belts & help them through this difficult time, after all, we are “All in it Together

Along with a number of essential institutions the NHS has to find ways in which to work “smarter & harder, for less”. Yes, there is a lot of room form reducing waste in the NHS & as one who works in it, I want to reassure the tax-payer that  along with looking after you, we are certainly doing everything we can to give you “value for money”.

There are, in my opinion, no more pips left to squeeze out & we are now running on antidepressants & goodwill to try & keep our population in a position to get the care they need, when they need it & in the best possible way…

Robert_Hinckley_The_First_Operation_Under_Ether_1881-96The fact is, doing this costs an awful lot of money : education (after all you can’t just leave your coffee-serving job today & be a cancer surgeon, nurse, radiologist etc. tomorrow), pharmaceuticals (medication or drugs) don’t come cheap (although that takes us back into profit making & share-holders & I don’t have time to go there right now). The complexity & necessity of keeping this service running can’t be described here!

All of this matters, because we need to understand that in order to continue to have Healthcare free at the point of delivery, it can’t be done on the cheap, it isn’t like running a Supermarket in a competitive climate: although regrettably the people in charge of it keep trying to make it seem as if it is. 

Take for example  my “planning” appointment in the Radiotherapy Department today at Springfield CC. As I have previously mentioned, Radiotherapy, while it may be one of the best ways of treating cancer is not without it’s less than desirable consequences.

In order to keep thoseof us who need it as safe as possible & those side-effects to a minimum, a lot of expertise, time, care & planning is needed, not to mention the specialist equipment.

So if you ever find yourself choking on your morning coffee & begrudging how much all of this costs, please do try to remember that those of us who work in it, are doing our best to keep it safe for you & those you love!



Holly xx


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