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bigstock-Newspaper-Boy-Retro-Clip-Art-17343617August 23-29

Friends, family & frolleagues lend me your ears!… you can have them back after, promise.

This week on the Rollercoaster:

#29 Preparing for the Countdown


Rough Guide

#11 What to do with that helpful advice

Quick Random Thoughts

#13 No-one to blame but myself

#12  The Wisdom of Others


You may remember in last week’s bulletin I was thinking about the possibility of publishing the RG properly at some stage? So this week I have been mostly focussing on putting them into some sense of order & adding a few new thoughts here & there…

Regular readers will have noticed that there has been a change in the layout, I would like to take credit for it but cannot. MoreSleepPlease

This is all the effort of my amazing niece, who has a young family, a job, her own Blog & also fund-raises for a charity!

Still working on the newsletter subscription thingy, so once again for those of you who have signed up: apologies about sending this out to you in email form for now…

I’d love your comments & thoughts about the new look pages please: how easy is it for you to navigate etc…

slugI’m a bit despondent about the pace of the petition people, surely there are more than 64 of you who think it makes sense? After years of hearing these criticisms about communication in my professional capacity I really hoped it would have gathered greater momentum by now (maybe it’s just because people are on holiday?)

Five sleeps to go, but putting to the back of my mind this weekend as my lovely BFITW Blod braved the Bank Holiday traffic to head West to visit – hooray!

Hope you are all Well & Happy!

Holly x

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