News Flash

Apologies to those of you who have subscribed to email updates – I am still struggling to get it sorted (doh!) in the meantime I will post quick updates under the header News Flash.   17-22 August 2015 New # this week on the Rollercoaster: 29-preparing-for-treatment 30-comments 31 hark-is-that-a-frenetic-woodpecker-i-hear New # this week on Quick […]

Sorry if I have confused anyone!

Abject apologies if I have been causing confusion in the past few days (well I am, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t be too!!)  Still getting to grips with this # mularkey & my specialist advisor has been somewhat busy, so I’m still grappling rather uselessly on my own at the moment. I am […]

Learning as I go!

Hello I am making progress with this # thingy I think? I have managed to make a couple of extra headers on the home page, as well as set up subscription option (hopefully..) If I am correct & you have signed up for the newsletter, then you should get this automatically. If you haven’t signed […]