Quick Random Thoughts: I don’t mind waiting, but…#28

I really don’t mind waiting to be zapped at Springfield CC (UK). I need the treatment & I understand that unlike Muck Ronalds or other fast food chains, where it is possible to standardise service delivery time it is impossible where people, especially ill people are concerned. And honestly, everyone in the Radiotherapy department does […]

Note to Subscribers…

Hello Thank you for your support & subscription to the Rollercoaster Ride. I have found out today that some of you are not getting news feeds because they are ending up in your SPAM folder. So if you think I might not have posted for a while, please check there….   Holly

Hello and Happy Friday

4th Sept Day 1Post Surgery.  Wobbly Bridge did wobble, but everyone in theatres held on fast to either end til I was across! Lots to share, but not yet my friends, not yet! All tubes etc removed, eating, drinking, sort of wallking more full of hot air than usual! Praying for the winds to arrive […]

Post op update

  Hi all. Op happened yesterday and according to Holly’s husband, everything went more or less according to plan 🙂 Great news and we should have more on when she can come home this morning. Take care, The Niece xx  

News Flash 2

  August 23-29 Friends, family & frolleagues lend me your ears!… you can have them back after, promise. This week on the Rollercoaster: #29 Preparing for the Countdown # Rough Guide #11 What to do with that helpful advice Quick Random Thoughts #13 No-one to blame but myself #12  The Wisdom of Others   You […]