Rough Guide – So many stories… #20

Well, despite the strangely elastic time band we have been occupying for the past month,  we are four fifths of the way through the radiotherapy ride. I say “we” because cancer doesn’t just happen to the recipient of course. To lesser or greater degrees it also affects those around us (obviously). Nothing makes this clearer […]

Rough Guide – Radiotherapy Myth Buster #19

According to a poster in the main waiting area of Springfield CC Radiotherapy unit 52% of people with cancer living in the UK could benefit from Radiotherapy & yet the uptake is only 38% . The poster is essentially a “Myth Buster”. It’s interesting, informative & clearly states that people may decline because they are […]

Rough Guide- The Power of Sleep #16

There are a million & one good reasons for being discharged from hospital as soon after surgery as you can be -as long as it’s safe of course. There are direct benefits for other people who are waiting for surgery as beds become available sooner, the best use is made of precious resources & it […]

Rough Guide – I feel your Pain # 15

When it comes to pain there are no one size fits all experiences or solutions. There’s a very famous quote that most nurses will be familiar with, even thirty plus years on: “whatever the experiencing person says it is, existing whenever and wherever the person say it does”  Over the years pain control has improved […]