Our NHS – Enhancing Patient Experience #7

In the late 80’s I signed up for Enrolled Nurse Training. Over the next two years quite a lot of our time will be spent experiencing what it is like to be a patient: Spoon feeding & being given drinks; the inevitable bandaging (at which I couldn’t be anything but ace thanks to my Mummified […]

Our NHS – Hospital Food # 6

Another really important aspect of illness & recovery, is a well balanced & nutritious diet. This can be a real challenge for people who don’t feel that great & the last thing on their mind is food, so it’s important that it is appetising, manageable & edible. Now there is of course a massive difference […]

Our NHS – Health & Safety #5

If you have never worked in the NHS or been an inpatient in a UK hospital you may well not be familiar with the very common pheonmenon of transmutation. People who, to all intents & purposes are as normal as anyone ever is in the real world; and I’m not just referring to patients here […]

Our NHS – St Trinians: Room 101#4

I suspected that my reputation might have preceded me (but may be not), when I was   shown on arrival to cubicle: 101. On the other hand, with my nurse’s head on it might have had absolutely nothing to do with my assumption. Either way, I must admit to appreciating it overall. Those who know me […]