Our NHS – Hang on a minute… #12

I had a bit of a deja vu moment today, those of you who have followed the # from the early days will know that I feel very strongly that the NHS does itself no credit with regards to the trivial, inflexible & hugely frustrating “rules” which are some time held up when people want […]

Our NHS – Informing Patients: Are We Doing Enough? #11

  OK. This one requires a serious tone I guess. We’ll see how well I can sustain it! There is something special & different about having cancer, whether I like it or not & setting aside my personal & professional prejudices about the inequalities between the support which people with cancer & those with other […]

Our NHS – Why Are Our Doctors Demonstrating? #10

Along with Russell Howard, you might have noticed in the past couple of weeks that there’s a lot of tension about changes in pay & conditions for Junior Doctors in the UK. It’s been rumbling along rather like a nagging appendix since 2012 when negotiations between the government at the time (now re-elected) & the […]

Our NHS – Is it Worth It? #9

Unless you have been living as a hermit on a remote Hebridean Island or, have recently returned to the UK after travelling in the high mountains of the Himalayas; you will probably be aware of the enforced “austerity measures” in many nations as a result of the need to cushion International Bankers & major share-holders […]

Our NHS- Speaking the same languague ? #8

Everyone who shares a language in common generally get by pretty well on a day to day basis thank goodness, otherwise life would be even more confusing & frustrating than it already is at times! But speaking the same language is not necessarily a cast iron guarantee that we do understand eachother all of the […]