Hello! I’m Holly Berry.

In case you are wondering why I have chosen this nom de plume, briefly: Holly is the name which I would have chosen for myself if I had been blessed with ability to communicate at the time my parent’s were going through the baby names book & the Berry bit is related to fertility & life (& if you read any of the posts, then you will soon get my drift…)

I’m in my early 50’s, live in the UK with my husband & two recently arrived “rescue cats”.

I love music, nature, photography, the erudition of Terry Pratchett,writing & hanging out in good company laughing.

I detest reality TV, inconsiderate crawlers on the middle & outside lanes of the Motorway & sincerely believe that Carrot Cake & the edible variety of pulses of any description are an abomination.

I work full time in the NHS & am still very proud of it as well as the huge majority of well-intentioned, skilled professionals & support staff who keep this very precious institution going (under increasingly testing circumstances).

Like everyone else on the planet, life is full of ups and downs.

In the Summer of 2015 (well at least seasonally although you wouldn’t have known it that year!) I was diagnosed with cancer, which is why I decided to start this endeavour.

I wanted to be able to keep a record for myself (good therapy for me) & close friends & family (who might be inclined to read it).

But would also be really pleased if it becomes shared more widely.

I know that some people follow blogs about something which interests them (I know do).  If you or someone you care about is getting to grips with cancer at the moment then I hope that you too have good family & friends who you share your triumphs & disasters with.  Whatever your situation is right now; if you think maybe that things are getting tough or that you are alone, I’d like you to consider this space as somewhere you can visit & laugh,cry or sigh with relief: whatever.

I’m hoping that people working in the NHS will use it to get a glimpse of what things look like on the opposite side of the glass, that they will celebrate what they do well & reflect on what perhaps they may need to look at or adjust their own culture & practice.





See you on the Rollercoaster & don’t forget to wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care!  


  1. Jasper Carrot says

    Hi Holly, its been a while since we bumped into each other so I hope you are ok. A friend has just been diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus and there are echoes of her experiences to date in your blogs.
    Let the carrot cake into your life,
    Jasper x

    • Holly Berry says

      Hi Jasper, lovely to hear from you :0) Getting ready for the next exciting rollercoaster ride – but doing ok thanks. Sorry to hear about your friend, I would definitely prescribe either keeping a blog or if she wants to be private then a journal. It really does help to have somewhere to put those thoughts & experiences & I am finding now that others who’ve been through this before have done so. They tell me it is good to look back now they are recovered & gives a sense of how far they have come…
      As for the Carrot Cake – Never Going to Happen!
      Holly x

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