Quick Random Thoughts – #28 It’s All Been Happening…

Well, I have had a bit of a time of it since last I checked in with you. My lovely Samsung RV510 - circa 2005, has been feeling its age & a combination of chronic constipation (stuffed to the gunnels memory in other words), had Himself manfully attempting to sort it out, cram in some new grey cells (or whatever the techie terms is) which would have been great except for the fact that Sam didn't want to co-operate very much. Finally just when Himself thought he had cracked it by burning a disc - the disc drive packed up as well as the battery & the power button! Himself not feeling great & a grim family anniversary looming in February, hasn't helped my creative juices much. On the positive side, it was a good job that I was beginning to feel more normal & was able to step up to the plate for him with some limitations. Anyway, he's just over a week on the other side of his angiography & we know what we are facing. He was convinced that he was going to have blocked … [Read More...]

The Rollercoaster Ride Story

Riding the Rollercoaster: Reasons to be cheerful #64

I am so relieved not to have to drag myself or anyone else up to Springfield CC any more. But, it isn't over yet! The radiation continued to beaver away for another 14 days.  After that, I was reliably informed, I should start to recover gradually. I stopped counting the days, because it wasn't particularly constructive.  While it … [Read More...]

Riding the Rollercoaster – last day hooray! #63

December 4th marked my final day of treatment. It's quite amazing really how those of us who go through it & chemo treatments manage it! Himself has said a couple of times during these weeks that cancer treatments are quite barbaric & he's right; but as with most things over the years they have become more … [Read More...]

Riding the Rollercoaster – learning & laughing #62

I haven't said much about Wished For the Specialist Radiographer who does this treatment as well as the brachyradiotherapy under anaesthetic & the skin cancer treatments too (clever lady). She really has to be amongst Springfield CCs greatest assets! Her professional commitment to her patients' dignity is clearly paramount & … [Read More...]

Rough Guide to Coping

Rough Guide- The Power of Sleep #16

There are a million & one good reasons for being discharged from hospital as soon after surgery as you can be -as long as it's safe of course. There are direct benefits for other people who are … [Read More...]

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